Mix and Match With The Project Ten Recycled Range

Posted on May 22 2019

Project TenProject Ten GIF

Did you know that Project Ten bags are now made from recycled plastic bottles? It’s our way of saving plastic from landfill and turning it into something beautiful and reusable. 

We launched Project Ten in 2012 to encourage the use of reusable bags. This year, after 18 months of development, the Recycled Range takes the idea further by removing single use plastic bottles from landfill. The bottles are made into fibres which are then woven into fabric. As an extra bonus, this process is also considerably more energy efficient.

In our opinion, choosing a reusable bag is one little thing we can do without being overwhelmingly environmentally conscious. It’s about doing just one little thing at a time to be a little more sustainable - it all begins to add up! 

The Recycled Range features three new prints across nine bag styles. Big thanks to Clare at Victor Fox for designing the Flowers and Odd Spot prints!

Please visit the Project Ten site and check it out! 

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