Christmas is in 6 weeks!

Posted on November 08 2016


I have started to get a little freaked out that there is only 6 weeks until Christmas. Its that time of year when you look at your calendar and think, there are no free weekends until January! Christmas provides a nice full stop to the year and gives everyone an excuse to plan that last get together for the year. Personally its been a bit of a crazy year for us. We started the year with our house being burgled (literally on New Years Eve!) and then we got our new addition to the family Louis the Boxer. Anyone who has had a new puppy recently can attest that it is like having an extra child in the house, although this one doesn't whinge, he just destroys the garden! We have been on an amazing Vietnamese Holiday with the boys and Project Ten has launched 2 new ranges and a new size bag. Its a nice time to take stock and appreciate that things are moving forward, even when the chaos of life sometimes throws a few curve balls. I hope you can find lots of easy christmas gifts on my site - from the perfect beach bag for the family, easy affordable kris kringle gifts or a cute stocking filler for the kids. Be sure to check out my gift section for some bag and towel bundles. 

Jacquie x

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