The highs and lows of small business

Posted on April 05 2016

I often get emails asking me how I started my business or what tips I could give to aspiring mumpreneurs. There is no one answer. The inspiration for my business name came from the fact I had lots of other ideas which didn't ever go anywhere. I got scared or lost my focus. Project Ten has always been about the simple idea that resonated with me and by solving my own problems, I hope to offer the same solutions for others. 

I have just had a milestone birthday and its made me a little reflective of the journey I have been on so far (and where all those grey hairs and wrinkles have come from). There have been some great highs, lots of tears and frustrations but overall, I am very proud of this little business I have grown so far. It wouldn't have been possible without my amazing husband and extended family who are my biggest inspiration and cheer squad. 

I hope to continue to brighten your every day with practical, stylish solutions for you all. 

Now where's that anti wrinkle cream?

Jacquie x

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